Monday, 16 August 2010

ambient dub anyone?

over the last few years i've been slowly putting together a collecton of tunes under the tongue in cheek name The Interplanetary Love Orchestra. It's very different from what i generally do, i call it drum 'n' lounge.
this last couple of days I've finished a new tune, this one has more of a dub feel to it though.

here it is - along with the other three tunes if you've not heard them...

Blackberry light by quietworld

the video for that last one is the drive up to the faerm where my mother lives. i'm holding the camera steady - the path is that bumpy.

Monday, 9 August 2010

wonderful wooden reasons #35

The August issue (#35) is now online complete with attached Soundcloud mix. (which is at the bottom of this post if you just want music without the words)

As usual you can read it at it's own website - here - or at it's myspace page - here.

It's the usual ragtag assortment of drone, ambient, noise, psychedelia and wierdness with even a touch of post-hardcore lunacy this month.

reviews of...

Beequeen - Time Waits For No One
Andrea Borghi - Moltiplicazioni
Chemins - cdr#4
Clutter - Yellow Light Discarded
Rod Cooper - Accepting the Machines
Dead Shall Not Have Died In Vain / Dysthymia - split 7"
Everything But The Gargoyle - Four Flies on Grey Velvet
Hall of Mirrors - Forgotten Realm
Marinos Koutsomichalis - Trevor Jones Studio Sessions vol 1
Goh Lee Kwang - Hands
Dale Lloyd - Akasha_For Record
Mopey Mumble Mouse - I Am Happy Being Nothing
Lasse-Marc Riek - Habitats
Mathieu Ruhlmann - As A Leaf Or A Stone
Hiroki Sasajima - Nille
Seasons (pre-din) - Occasionally I Forget To Breathe
Spoils & Relics / BRB>Voicecoil - Split LP
Syrinx / Playing With Nuns - Split
Nicholas Szczepanik & Juan Jose Calarco - Lack Affix
Various - Dark Meadows Recordings sampler
Viosac - Dawning Luminosity
VipCancro - Tropico

I hope you find something you dig.