Wednesday, 6 July 2011

no more classes

for the next two months.

As of today I am officially on holiday until September. That doesn't mean I've no work on - i have plenty - but it does mean I've got time to relax a bit, go for some walks, read some books and write some reviews.

huge apologies to everyone with regard to WWR this last year but this new job brought with it a whole host of responsibilities and headaches and I knew it would screw with parts of my life but it also brought with it extra cash. I'm not money motivated but the last few years have been difficult here so this was a much needed boost. The next year will be just as busy as the last but hopefully having done it for a year I'll be more prepared for it.

I've already sketched out a few reviews and will spend the next week listening and scribbling furiously. Expect a new issue probably on the weekend of the 23rd of this month.