Tuesday, 9 August 2011


hi folks

The start of the new academic year is rapidly approaching so I'm starting to slide back into work mode and getting as much of my prep done as i can. Several new classes again this year plus the 2nd year of my course (on top of my actual job and the extra classes I took on last year) means I'm going to be pretty busy for the next 30 odd weeks.

As if this wasn't enough there are some fun things in the pipeline for Quiet World. We have a series of new releases lined up by some old friends of QW and some new.

I was kindly asked this week if I'd contribute a label mix to the Exotic Pylon radio show which of course I'm flattered and honoured to do. I spent the other night trying things out and I'm pretty happy with the final result. The only obvious problem is that finances and my DIY ethic have dictated that QW has always been essentially a bit of a vanity project so the mix has ended up looking a tad egocentric but in that sense it does reflect the label I suppose. I'll pass on more info about this when I know it but i really do recommend hitting the link and having a look around. If nothing else go and score some downloads of their magnificent Weird Tales for Winter series, the one by Advisory Circle and Moon Wiring Club is my absolute favourite. The music by Jon Brooks is just sublime.

Also, as I mentioned on the news page over on www.quietworld.co.uk I've now created a page on the site for all the videos people have made for us over the years. the direct link is here.
Make sure you check out the two Aurarora videos (I'm not posting them here as they are widescreen and blogger cuts the right hand side off). They are 2 thirds of an, as yet, unfinished triptych of videos exploring the ecology (both natural and not) of this area. Hopefully the third will see the light of day sometime but it won't be anytime soon.

should be another new issue of Wonderful Wooden Reasons online this weekend too.