Saturday, 12 March 2011

Silent Spring

After keeping a fairly low profile for most of last year the releases are now coming thick and fast from me.

In addition to the release on Phonospheric that I mentioned earlier I have another out today on Northampton label Dark Meadow Recordings.

It's another slow drone piece but with significantly less isolationist tendencies than the other one.

you can buy a physical copy directly from the label for a teeny £2

or you can click the blue dot underneath the album and download it for free

Friday, 4 March 2011

Quietude #3

the new Quiet World Radio mixcloud is now up.

Wonderful Wooden Reasons #38

issue 38 is now online at the usual places...



both of those have the mixcloud attached but it's also below

the new (shorter as it's now fortnightly) issue features reviews of...

Chemins - impasse #1
Glowing Pixie & Ghoul Detail - split
The Infant Cycle - Plays Fender Bass Guitars and Birdcages of Unknown Origin
Kaeba - Ianurek 5.0 X 100
Andrea Marruti & Fausto Balbo - Detrimental Dialogue
Olekranon - {bilal}
The Stinking Badger - Chunx Volume 1 1990-1997

hope you enjoy.

'Passing Through Occasionally'

I said at the beginning of the year that it was gong to be a busy year for me well I have a new album available via my good friend Adrian Shenton's Phonospheric label.

It's called 'Passing Through Occasionally' and it's a long slow sleepy drone piece.
here's the cover...

and here's an extract...

Ian Holloway - Passing Through Occasionally clip by Phonospheric

Some of you may remember Adrian from his Measuring of Moments cd I put out on Quiet World the other year, Phonospheric is his label.
he's already put out one cd of his own music and as of today he has another available too called Slowtime. Adrian sent me an advance copy the other month and it's really a rather fab set of clean, bright ambient pieces. well worth a listen.

more soon