Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Britain in the snow....

is the most pathetic thing you'll ever see.

swansea has had about 2 inches of snow last night and as a result all the schools and colleges are shut. i'm not complaining about an impromptu day off but it's pretty feeble.

the rest of the country has had a little more than us but not enough to justify changing the television schedules to accomodate a show entirely about the last few days snowfall. Airports are shut, motorways are shut, britain is shut.

then you look at countries that actually have snow to a depth worth talking about and see that they continue functioning as normal. there seem to be lessons worth learning in there somewhere.

i just robbed this picture off Warren Ellis' website because it's fab.


  1. You may be right....but I did happen to go sledging with Jody and Emir in Ammanford's black mountain!!


  2. i'm all for enjoying the snow but the news wound me up a little.

    was sledging fun?


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