Monday, 9 September 2013

In Space No-one Can Hear The Quietude

I'm having great fun making Mixcloud mixes at the moment.  I thoroughly enjoy doing the WWR ones but I'm in dire need at the moment of finding a way of making the zine into something that fits into the busy busy of my life.  I have an idea but that's something to lay on you all another time.  there is a new issue almost ready to go i just want to get two and a half more reviews down and then it'll go online later this week.

In the meantime I'm exploring different sides of my musical tastes that don't really get a look in within WWR.  I adore lots of genres of music.  I'm a magpie for the stuff.  if i find a genre i don't know I'll attack it and strip mine it of everything i like.  The Quietude mixes I've been doing of late are kinda reflecting some of these, in particular the more spacey and / or library music based ends.

Anyway, there's a new one (#13) gone online called 'Outer Space & Outta Sight'.  It features some library music, some Daniel Padden, some ukulele Star Wars, some Krautrock, some Bernard Hermann and a little bit of nu-jazz.

it's here - i hope you dig it.

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