Saturday, 15 July 2017


Ok so some of you who've used the links to Quiet World or Wonderful Wooden Reasons might be a little surprised to find yourselves landing here.

Basically it was time to renew the website and it simply wasn't economically viable to do so so I had to kill them off.  I did save all the contents so much of it will reappear here in some form.  the WWR content is going to be turned into a book so you if you appeared in the pages of the zine then you will soon appear in the pages of a book,  which is cool, yes?

After several years of incident and accident and associated recovery times I am starting to return to the world.  Quiet World is starting to emerge from its enforced hibernation with a couple of releases on the horizon - the first one around September time.

I'm also going to start trying to use this blog more - potentially as a weekly roundup of what's been going on so if you're so inclined you might like to click follow to keep updated.

More soon


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