Monday, 8 March 2010

some photos from Oxford

I got to be disgustingly old back in January (40 if you must know) and so sue decided to indulge my passion for all things brass and victorian and took me on a jaunt to Oxford to the Science museum and the Steampunk exhibition they were running. We also got to check out the new look Ashmolean - notable only for the slice that the staircase took out of my finger - and the beautiful Pitt-Rivers Anthropology museum and the Natural History museum which had the best roof i've ever seen.

anyway, here's some photos - i hope you dig them.

* The photos in landscape are getting clipped by blogger so click them to see the full version.

this is the Pitt-Rivers. check out that amazing totem pole. You could lose weeks (and children) in this place. It's jammed with stuff.

T-Rex at the Natural History Museum

Just the most amazing roof. i could have stared at this for days.

The Science Museum goes pseudo science.
This is a real exhibit (not part of the Steampunk stuff) and my favourite thing there. it's for measuring skulls. Isn't it wonderful.

An 'Eye-Pod'
I want one of these suits.peace

ps - it's my brother's birthday today. Happy birthday Stuart here's to many, many more.


  1. Thank you for the great post and kind words. Also, the Craniometer (skull measurer) is my own Steampunk design- hand made.

    Be Well,
    Art Donovan,
    Steampunk @ Oxford

  2. hello Art.
    thanks for your comment and congratulations on the exhibition it was great fun.
    The Science Museum is beautiful and the exhibition was perfectly suited - your Craniometer was easily my favourite thing in the exhibition.


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