Sunday, 20 February 2011

Wonderful Wooden Reasons #37

After a 4 month hiatus the new issue of Wonderful Wooden Reasons (#37) is now online.

This'll be the last of these long issues because as of #38 I'm moving to a more me friendly format of smaller issues on a more regular fortnightly schedule.

in the meantime. the new issue is here and (for those of you still using the hellhole that is myspace) here.

if you just want to listen then the mixcloud is below.

this issue features an eclectic mix of drone, noise, free jazz, freak folk, shoegazer and plain old strangeness.

reviews of...

Banks Bailey - Upwelling
Albert Beger Electroacoustic Band - Peacemaker
derschlaeger - Blogs
Giant Bears - Whisper in the Hollows
Daniel Jones – MTT
Ian Middleton - Aural Spaces Versions
Yui Onodera & Celer - Generic City
Orchestramaxfieldparrish - Crossing of Shadows
The Raw Men Empire - Elodie
Colin Andrew Sheffield – Signatures
Matt Shoemaker - Soundtrack for Dislocation
Philip Sulidae - Banish
Tomo - Butterfly Dream and Other Guitar Works
Various - Underwater Noises
Simon Whetham & Paul Khimasia Morgan - The Grey Area

hope you find something worth exploring further.

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