Tuesday, 27 November 2012

i'm and old folkie me...

...except I'm not.  really not actually.  i try and like it but i fail every time.
it's not all folk music. truly it's just the British varieties.  I'm not biased in this. i dislike all four countries worth equally.  there are.bits and pieces here and there that i don't mind but on the whole it moves me not.
quite why then I'm working my way through the 600 pages of Electric Eden is confusing even to me.  273 pages in and i am enjoying it though.  i was a Wire subscriber for about 11 years and so Rob Young's writing was something i knew well, the subject seemed interesting enough but that subtitle was the clincher.  close enough to sounding like some sort of Coil type musical mysticism reference to haul me in.  that axis of music are certainly going to make an appearance (current 93 mostly i suspect) but i am a long way off them at the moment.
as i said I'm thoroughly enjoying it even though i keep trying out the different artists / songs he references and none have done it for me yet.  also, while it says 'Unearthing Britain's Visionary Music' it does so far seem more like an exploration of English music but i have 300 odd pages to go and this may well change.
so, tonight some more reading and a little bit of reviewing. there's a Dog Hallucination EP playing in the background as i type this, after that it'll be the Sempervirent album on Gruenrekorder.  it's a hard old life i tells ya.


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