Tuesday, 2 April 2013

consumed by righteous fury

i was going to do some music today but instead spent a large chunk of it trying desperately not to be consumed by hatred for the asshole tory politicians (and the fucking idiots who voted them in) who from today have simultaneously set about dismantling the NHS (britain's single most important and wonderful institution), cut benefits to those most in need and have awarded themselves a massive and utterly unwarranted tax break.

i'm nowhere near as politically active (or informed) as i used to be but i am still a pretty committed leftie.  i made a decision a number of years ago to make my politics more personal and to try and express them through my life.  i generally no longer involve myself with big issue topics and simply try and live an ethical life.  the sheer, rampant scumfuckery of these arseholes is dragging me back to a level of hate and anger i thought i'd left behind.  i think these bastards need to burn but i don't want to think thoughts of hate.

with that aside, i'm just back from a nice weekend in Cheltenham where i successfully managed to buy myself far, and i really do mean far, too many books.  i spent last weekend clearing shelf space and decluttering my very cluttered 'study-o' (part study, part studio). only to have completely refilled the shelves less than a week later.

have also been rediscovering the joys of Cluster, and lots of other contemporaneous German bands.  i love that era and delve into it from time to time looking for both old favourites and something new.  it's Cluster who have stuck hard and fast this time mostly i suspect because of the synthiness of the set i'm putting together. 
the newcomer to my ears is Klaus Schulze who I've never really tried before but decided to give his 'Cyborg' album a try and it's phenomenal. the spacey synth of Cluster and Tangerine Dream soaring over some really intoxicating dronework. i listened to, and thoroughly enjoyed, a few of his others since but that's the one i keep coming back to.

tomorrow there will be music.

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