Sunday, 7 April 2013

Heliostasis and the Quiet World

Good morning from a grey and cold Sunday in Swansea.  I say grey but it's a light sort of grey.  light enough to make the prospect of a walk later today an enticing idea.

I've been playing around with Bandcamp over the last few days (and will continue to do so for the next few) and have uploaded a new release and one of my very first.

The new album is something that's been sat on my hard-drive for about a year now because I'd forgotten about it.  I found it again on Friday and so decided to make it available for all to hear.  The title came about during a conversation with my partner as I'd abandoned the working title (because I couldn't come up with a cover design) and was bandying around words like 'entropy', 'heliocentric' & 'stasis' (yes I am reading a lot of science fiction at the moment) the latter two of which she smashed together to give the title.

the second upload was the first full album I made as Psychic Space Invasion (another name that got mashed together after a conversation with Sioux).  It was made in the back half of 2002 and I started letting people hear it in early 2003.  It was never intended to be the start of anything.  It was just something i was pottering with using a computer that a good friend (Hi Jason) had kindly made for me. People seemed to really like it and so I just kept making more copies to give away.
I never charged for copies of This Quiet World and so I'm continuing that tradition by making this a FREE download.


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