Monday 8 July 2013

Reasons that are wonderful 1...2...3

It's Monday afternoon, it's really bloody hot and my hay fever hasn't kicked in for which I am extremely grateful.  yesterday was an absolute dog of a day filled with sneezing, sniffling and general bleurgh.  I'm new to all this hay fever palaver as I never had it before about two years ago.  I'm not a fan.

anyway through the fug I've finally managed to get a new issue of Wonderful Wooden Reasons online featuring write ups of...


Andrea Borghi - Vetrale
Bruno Duplant - Quelques Usines Fantomes
The Infant Cycle - Drop Out Center
Mark Lorenz Ksela - Eins+
Mecha/Orga - 53:30
Monos - Everyday Soundtracks
Joao Castro Pinto - Panaural
David Rothenberg - Bug Music
Carlos Suarez Sanchez - Transit Mundi
Keith Seatman - Boxes Windows & Secret Hidey-Holes
Teledu - Soiling Charge

Douglas Adams & Gareth Roberts - Doctor Who: Shada
Derf Backderf - My Friend Dahmer
Mark Gatiss - Doctor Who: Last of the Gaderene

K.W. Jeter - Infernal Devices
Alan Moore & Kevin O'Neill - Nemo: Heart of Ice

A Good Day to Die Hard
The Battery
Battle Los Angeles
Conan the Barbarian
Iron Man 3
Seven Psychopaths
Terminator: Salvation

there's a Mixcloud also which I'll put here for those of you who don't want the words.

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