Saturday, 7 December 2013

Yair Yona's - A Day in Tel Aviv

Yair is an Israeli musician who I've been in contact with for a few years now.  His current project is the absolutely fabulous Farthest South whose first album I wrote this about recently...
Farthest South - Omens & Talismans
What we have here is a new ensemble featuring a couple of guys who've, separately, made a big impact on us here at WWR and now have, along with two new faces, teamed up to collectively blow my mind.
Saxophonist Albert Beger and Yair Yona (bass / effects) are here joined by Barry Berko on guitar and Yair Etziony on electronics and bass have exploded into action via 4 tracks of warped and blistering jazz influenced improvisational fire.
It's a stunning set with Beger's sax and Berko's guitar soaring over a shifting bedrock of sound. Occasionally things turn to a quieter more introspective direction but for the most part it's a pretty euphoric and ecstatic cavalcade of sound.
here's what they sound like...

What I'm trying to direct your attention to today though is another side of his work.  When he's not heading South on his bass he is a very wonderful - John Fahey-esque - acoustic guitarist as showcased on this series of 10 songs recorded around and about in his home city of Tel Aviv.  I think this is well worth some of your time.

you can watch them here

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