Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Book Review: Ed Brubaker & Sean Phillips - Criminal vol.5: The Sinners

This has been a very fine series indeed and this episode doesn't change that fact.
This volume is a return to the story of Tracy Lawless the AWOL soldier from the second volume. Here he is working for mob boss Sebastian Hyde as an increasingly unreliable hitman until he finds himself tasked with looking into who is knocking off bad guys all around town. This, and other certain entanglements, along with an agent from the military bent on taking him back means that he finds himself in all manner of hot water.
There was a little logic leap towards the end that raised an eyebrow but on the whole this was a fun little jaunt into noirland. 10 years ago when I was reading lots of Raymond Chandler and Charles Willeford this would have been my absolute favourite comic book. As it is it's simply one I like a lot

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