Sunday, 20 April 2014

Music Review: Linda O'Keefe & Slavek Kwi - Collaboration 2009-2012

(Tentacles of Perception Recordings 2012)
It's taken me quite a few plays to get my head into this little 2 track EP type thingy but in the end I think it was worth the effort.

These two tracks are the results of a long term (and possibly overly complicated) collaboration from these two Ireland based sound artists. What we have is an aural collage that layers ephemeral sounds of everyday life (children's voices, a ping pong ball, background chatter) with sounds both amorphous and (if you'll excuse a crass term) deliberately musical. It does, for the most part, work similar territory to Steven Stapleton but, without the sense of fun and nonconformity that characterises his work they have produced a pretty cold and dispassionate pair of compositions that make for interesting if not particularly engaging listening.

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