Sunday, 13 April 2014

Music Review: Gushing Cloud - Beat Wings in Vain

(Intangible Cat CAT 018)
The folks at Intangible Cat have been sending some interesting music my way for a little while now and this one is no exception although it is a little different to those others. What we have here is an altogether more melodic and decidedly psychedelic beast that the previous experimentalisms. With hints of krautrock, San Franciscan psyche and the crusty space dub excursions of folks such as Ozric Tentacles it makes for a fascinating listen as it wanders along its merry way . It's been a while since I've really delved into this type of thing although back in the early nineties when I was considerably more chemically assisted than I am now I loved me some trippy, bouncy music and this is bringing back some nice memories. It's really well done, has just the right balance of restless energy and swirly mesmerics and is filled with colour and wonder.

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