Sunday, 13 April 2014

Music Review: Daniel Blinkhorn - Terra Subfonica

(Gruenrekorder Gruen117)
A new entry into the Gruenrekorder Soundspace series and another very interesting and evocative experience of re-contextualised sounds.
I am glad that I listened to this a few times before I opened the booklet. I'm a fairly simple soul at heart and I'm not a huge fan of over-intellectualising music or of tagging cumbersome philosophies or explanations onto things. I just like the sounds. I'm not saying that any of those things are in any bad or wrong, I'm just saying I dislike them. Having now read the booklet that accompanies this album I suspect the composer would disagree with me as each track has been explained and analysed to within an inch of their lives with some quite cringeworthy text which to my mind destroys any mystique or even the art within the composition reducing it to a chemistry experiment or a cooking recipe.
If you'll forgive me the conceit of continuing with that latter analogy though, musically, this is a very fine dish filled with varied flavours and textures that are revealed with each bite. Prepared with ingredients that for the most part feel fresh and well sourced and the overall feeling of satisfaction upon completion is delightful. Just, whatever you do, don't ask the chef for the recipe.

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