Saturday, 26 April 2014

Music Review: Adrian Shenton - Electric Breath

(Phonospheric six)

New four track album from Cardiff's Adrian Shenton recorded and improvised in January 2014. Using a battery of both the conventional (Kaoss Pad, effect pedals, contact mic) and the un (squeaky toy, tray, spring) he has produced a slow burning set of darkly ambient post-industrial drone pieces.

Never in a rush Adrian allows each piece plenty of breathing space whilst he gradually adds textures and colours. The album moves through a variety of states as it opens in a relative optimistic state filled with the light of a new day before becoming increasingly, but gently, more convoluted and disquieting as it proceeds along.

I've been enamoured of Adrian's sounds for a few years now and believe he's getting better and better with every release. This is a fine example of what he does and I heartily recommend you giving it a listen especially as it's available as a name your price digital release.

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