Wednesday, 5 December 2012

A last report from the desert shore

was woken up early monday morning (my day off) by workmen ripping the roof off of the house next door so Sioux (my partner) and I decided to go for a trip out to Carmarthen. For those of you who don't know the area Carmarthen is about an hour away (by car) from my home in Swansea. it's a large town with a nice mellow atmosphere which is a nice change from Swansea town centre which is pretty grim and somewhere I try to avoid.

the other appeal of Carmarthen is there is a very fine record shop - The Tangled Parrot - whose owner, Matt, shares my taste for music that exists on the interesting side of life.
once there he sneakily convinced me to part with the cost of the new Throbbing Gristle album.  I probably should add that he did this without ever actually trying to sell it to me, he's that devious.

I'm glad he is though, it's a fabulous album.  picture TG fronted by Blixa Bargeld, Antony (without his Jonsons), Mark Almond (whose contribution is a perfect Coil imitation) & Cosi.

The second disc is a thumping set of industrial stompers. it isn't of the level of sheer gonzo wonderfulness of 'After Cease to Exist' (which was one of the key listens in the genesis of my love of stranger music) but it is a fine way to spend your time.

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