Saturday, 15 December 2012

stupidityness abounds

Went Xmas shopping in Cardiff today and managed to buy a present for my mother, a couple of stocking fillers for the nieces and a Carnacki book for me.  It was pretty claustrophobic there and it got to me at times (I'm not a big fan of crowds) also my left shoe sprung a leak which wouldn't have been too bad except that it was pouring with rain for most of the day.  
The place was all trimmed up nice though and if it had been less wet would have been really xmassy. The photo is one of the shopping arcades.

we missed the deadline for the carpark though and didn't have chance to grab any food before we left so we stopped off at a chain eatery on the way home. On the table behind me was a group of 4 young and ridiculously macho chav lads.  For the most part their conversation revolved around how hard they are, how hard their brothers are, how hard their "crews" are and how soft everyone else is.  This was all pretty tedious to have bellowed over the top of the terrible food I was eating.  There were however two absolute gems that I think are worth sharing with you.

the first...

"Are you left handed?"
"No why?"
"Cause you're holding your fork in your left hand"

and my absolute favourite...

"I don't like eggs in my omelette!"

it takes all sorts I suppose.  
I'm home now and have just finished listening to the new Scott Walker album and now Desertshore by X-TG is having another airing.

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