Friday, 7 December 2012

going slowly mad to the ticking of my hazard lights

it's a couple of days later from the Esoteric Underground night in Carmarthen and I'm finally starting to feel human again. it was good fun. heard lots of cracking music and got to meet some new people. i made a mix for the night which you can hear here.

the one part of the night i could have happily done without was the puncture on the way home. the wrench threaded when we tried to change the tyre and so had to ring the AA. it took 20 minutes for them to answer the phone and then another hour and a half for the breakdown van to get there. by then the two guys i was with had fallen asleep and i was going slowly mad from sitting there listening to the tick-tock and the on/off of the hazard lights. i am thankful though that the torrential rains of earlier had finished and that the heating in the car works because it was perishingly cold.

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