Tuesday, 11 December 2012

stiff necks and good music

one of the unforseen side-effects of the last two years of work and course is that I've wrecked my neck.  i don't have a desk as such.  my work station is a shelf unit with my pc on top and my record deck and amp on the shelves underneath.  my chair is an old (and very comfy) rocking chair that i've had for 20 odd years. it's a fairly neat little setup in that everything fits nicely on the unit but there is no legroom so the upshot is i have to do most things, like writing lessons or reviews or doing marking whilst leaning forward which has resulted in me putting a serious crick in my neck and it hurts just enough to be a fairly constant irritation.

tonight though i've abandoned my computer and am stretched out on the floor with a book and some music for reviewing.

i'm a bit too distracted for reading though, hence this blog about nothing, but the music is really hitting the spot.  albums by TOC and John Huw Lewis have both wriggled past.  very different from each other but both thoroughly enjoyable.  i'm going to try and put one last Wonderful Wooden Reasons for the year online this weekend and both will be in it.

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