Saturday, 8 December 2012


I'm having a cup of coffee and a break from doing some xmas shopping (so far the only thing I've bought is a book for myself) and i thought i'd let you know about the next Quiet World release.

I was hoping to have two new albums for you this month but due to my woeful proof reading skills i missed the typo on one of the sleeves. so that one has been pushed back to january but the other will be available on Monday.

The album is called Tangletree and it's by me and Darren Tate.  it was made a year or so ago and has been patiently waiting it's turn for release. it was done using an electric shruti box and samples from me and some particularly atonal guitar from Darren.  they were never meant to go together but I spent one dark and damp night assembling them.  it's one that should be played loud. your neighbours won't mind. It is Xmas after all.

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