Sunday, 2 December 2012

Wonderful Wooden Reasons #49

The brand new issue of  Wonderful Wooden Reasons is now online featuring reviews of...
Rodolphe Alexis – Sempervirent
Glenn Bach – Radia
Albert Beger & Gerry Hemingway – There’s Nothing Better to Do
Joda Clement – The Narrows
Dog Hallucination – Bob Hallucination
Fasenuova – Ella Esta Llena de Garcia
Flu(o) – Encore Remuants
Miguel A. Garcia – Red River / Rio Tinto
Peter James – There is Only Now
James McDougall & Hiroki Sasajima – Injya
Mites - Something to Ponder upon for a Restless Soul like You
Adrian Shenton & Banks Bailey – Wrapped in Clover
Various – The Machine Started to Flow into a Vein (volume 3)

as usual there's an accompanying mix.

hope you enjoy


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